Step 1: Read about the history of Angel Island.

Learn about the history of the Angel Island Immigration Station by clicking on both links below:

 Angel Island History 

 Angel Island History


Step 2: Life on Angel Island


Click here to read about life on Angel Island.


Click here to read a poem about Angel Island.


Step 3:  Read about former Angel Island detainees by clicking on the names below.



Beck H. Gee

Helen Wong Hom

Lester Tom Lee

 Henry S. H. Gee

Helen Yee


STEP 4: Write a Journal or a letter to a loved one

Part A: Writing a Journal

After reading about the former detainees, pick one of the former detainees and write a 5 day journal of the life of that former detainee. While writing the journal, talk about the following:

-your feelings and emotions at the time

-your daily routine

-things you miss the most


Part B: Letter to a loved one

If you choose to write a letter to a loved one, write a letter as a detainee to their family.  Describe in your letter what you are experiencing at Angel Island and what you have been through so far.  Explore the emotions experienced by someone isolated from the rest of their loved ones.