1. Assign to a team of 4 students in each group.
2. Once you have picked your team your role is to use the links below to find 5 interesting facts about Ecuador
3. Once you have done that you need to design on you sheet of cardboard a maze looking game that will lead you to the mystery fact at the end.
4. In between the start and the end of the board game, you are to place an interesting fact throughout the game.
5. Once you have placed your facts in the right positions, decorate and make you board game look Ecuadorian and colourful.
6. Once you have finished decorating you board game, play amongst your group using a dice to move through the board game.
7. Note that if you do land on a fact you must read it out to the group which should give you clues to the mystery fact.
8. Your mystery fact that will be chosen by the group should be something that no one else in the group would know