by Mimi Morrison, Texas A&M University
Melissa Nobles, Texas A&M University - San Antonio

This webquest is for students to learn about earthquakes. Students will research what causes earthquakes, where earthquakes happen, and also how to stay safe when earthquakes occur.



Have you ever wondered what causes earthquakes to happen or why they only happen in certain places? Have you seen the damage and mess that earthquakes cause? Big earthquakes can cause a lot of damage. Small earthquakes might only cause a little shaking or a picture frame to fall off the wall. If earthquakes must occur then we hope for the small ones but sometimes we get the big ones. 

People all over the world are wondering about earthquakes. You are going to become scientists and research about earthquakes. You are going to find out what causes earthquakes to happen, why earthquakes only happen in certain areas of the world and how earthquakes are measured. You are also going to find out how to stay safe when earthquakes do happen.