Look at the habitats below.  Choose one that interests you to research.

Habitat Fact Sheet








More links to find habitat information:

Ocean:                  Animals        Plants       Climate    Facts

Freshwater:         Animals        Plants       Climate    Facts

Rainforest:           Animals        Plants       Climate   Facts

Desert:                  Animals        Plants       Climate   Facts



Once you have found all the information needed for your fact sheet, you may create your poster.

Habitat Fact Sheet must be completed with the following information:

Name of your habitat.

Climate of your habitat.

3 Animals and pictures of those that live in your habitat.

2 Plants and pictures of those that live in your habitat.

3 Interesting facts about your habitat.


Please also list 1 fact about your habitat on our Habitat Wiki Page.

We took pictures at the Birmingham  and Atlanta Zoo.  Click on this link to get pictures to use  in your habitat poster if you would like.




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For information on Mammals that live at Zoo Atlanta please click here.


Click here to learn about Reptiles at Zoo Atlanta!


We recorded a podcast full of interesting facts about our Habitats!  Please click here to listen to our podcast! 



To view the interesting facts we gave

during our podcast, please click here!