When you are placed in your first group, I will randomly assign you a category to explore. You will designate amongst yourselves a moderator and a note taker. These responsibilities will fall upon a different member of the group each day. You must brainstorm with your team members and explore the category you were given. Ask lots of questions. Find out as much on the subject as possible, then brainstorm again. Ask more questions! 

     Finally, for the end of phase I, you will co-author a 2-3 page paper addressing the subject you were assigned. Once this is complete, we will move on to phase II.

Use resources from the Library, or the internet, or other acceptable source of information. Some sites on the internet that might help you are:

Think Quest Industrial Revolution page 

The History Place: child labor 

What caused the industrial revolution? 

more from Think Quest 

Background of the industrial revolution from 

Important inventors 

Important inventions 




For phase II, you will be placed in new groups. In each group there will be at least one member from the "History" "Inventors", "Everyday people", and "Government" groups. That way you will have members in your group with different perspectives. Your task will now be to brainstorm with your new partners and find an answer to the second question:

"What are some good things and some bad things that came out of the industrial revolution?"

(This is where it gets fun)

     Your group will present to the class your information. This can be in the form of a poster board, a power point, movie, or a skit. The more original the better! Don't be afraid to ask me for help and advice!


Phase III:

     Once the presentations are over we are going to take our newly discovered information and have a class discussion / debate on the industrial revolution. I will moderate the discussion. At the end of the discussion, The final question on the floor for debate will be:

"If another industrial revolution were to happen today, what would it be like?"