by Sean Vincent, Ashland University

The industrial revolution started in the late 19th century and changed our way of life forever. in this WebQuest we will explore the changes brought about by the industrial revolution, key persons, and how the industrial revolution affected the lives of everyday people.

Teacher Introduction

This webquest is an assignment for my educational technologies class at Ashland University. I chose the industrial Revolution because it is a part of our history that is of particular interest to me. I want the students to discover the impact that the rapid expansion of innovation and infrastructure had on people like you and I. 


If I were to "steer" my students in any particular direction, I would likely suggest looking into child labor. This issue can hit home with them. It also branches into societal conditions and labor laws. I would expect them to find the connection between the industrial revolution and the world we live in today. As a (future) social studies teacher, this webquest might be a little ambitious, but I hope it goes a long way in activating my student's schema and gets them to actively engage with my class.