You will be broken down into four groups and will explore different aspects of the industrial revolution:

1) History of the industrial revolution

2) Inventors and their inventions

3) Everyday people and how their lives were affected

4) The role of the government in the industrial revolution

You will research, brainstorm, and co-author a 1-2 page paper on their particular subject matter.

Once this task is completed, you will be split up into 4 different groups, with at least one member of each prior group brought into each new grouping. The members of each group will share the information from their papers, and then they will brainstorm and develop a presentation that addresses the final question:

What good things and what bad things came out of the industrial revolution?

After the second presentation, which can be a poster, a skit, a powerpoint, or any other presentation the teacher approves, the entire class will debate the final question:

The Britanica Concise Dictionary defines the term “Industrial Revolution” as: Process of change from an agrarian, handicraft economy to one dominated by industry and machine manufacture.  

 If an industrial revolution were to happen again today, what would it be like?