Task #1:  

You will be working in a group of three to complete all of your tasks. Your first task is to research facts about recycling, and create a survey that you will be handing out to your classmates and teacher to complete. Based upon your information in your survey, you will then create a recycling center for your classroom in task 3.


Use the following websites to learn about facts and statistics about recycling. Think about what you can do in your own classroom to help save the Earth!

Recycling Facts

More Recycling Facts

Click on the link to see a sample survey that has been created about recycling. You can use the same format or create your own! Use your own questions that you would like to ask your classmates.

Sample Recycling Survey


Once you have made your survey, take the time to hand it out to your classmates to complete. You will be using the survey to help you in Task 3 where you will be creating a classroom recycling plan.



Task #2:  

In your group, you will use the following websites to research the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. One person in each group will choose one of the R's. You will use the graphic organizer to record the information that you find about your R from the websites. Once you are finished with your own research, meet back with your group members and teach each other about what you have learned.

Websites for reseach:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  

The Three R's 

As a group, you will combine all of the information you have found about Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in order to create a brochure that you can give to your classmates so they can also become recycling experts.

Click on this link to take you to your graphic organizer. Print it out and use it to record your information.

Graphic Organizer

Use this website to make your brochure! Just follow the 5 easy steps.

Brochure Maker


In your brochure, you must answer the following questions:

1.       What is recycling?

2.       What can you do to help save the Earth by recycling?

3.       What is reduce?

4.       What can you do to help reduce the amount of trash you throw out each day?

5.       What is reuse?

6.       What can you do to reuse items that you or others throw away?

Remember to make your brochure colorful and add appropriate pictures! J



Task #3:  

You will work in your group of three to use all of the information you have researched about the 3 R's and the survey you created to develop your own classroom recycling plan.

Collect the completed surveys from your classmates. Look them over and see how much your classmates already know about recycling. You will be giving them your brochure so they learn even more about recycling from all of the research you have done!

Now it is your turn to really make a difference in helping to save the Earth one step at a time!


Think about what you can do in your own classroom to encourage others to recycle. Create a corner in your classroom that is dedicated to recycling. It is your job to think of containers that you can use as recycling bins (think reuse! What is lying around considered as trash that you can reuse and turn into a recycling bin?) Make sure each bin is labeled clearly so others know what recyclable item goes in that bin. You may also want to create signs to post behind the center so your classmates will always know where the recycling center is located.