by Sherry Bagwell, APSU

This webquest is designed to help students see a real-world application to the study of cells. Students will role-play as doctors or researchers to find a cure for a mysterious illness on a tropical island.




It's nothing short of an epidemic!  You are a doctor on a small Carribbean Island and you have had many patients coming to you with similar symptoms.  You must find out what is going on with this group of individuals so that you can provide the best possible treatment for them and prevent their illness from spreading.

So far, you've had 38 children and 18 adults come to your office with symptoms of severe diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and dehydration.  Fifty of the 56 cases have required hospitalization in a makeshift clinic.  Some of your patients may not survive and it seems that more are becoming sick daily.  You must use the information provided here, and the resources available in order to save the community.

Photo:  International Business Times