Booking a return flight and train ticket .

The first thing you need to do is to book a return flight to London!

Background information:

    You want to fly on the first Monday (morning) in January.               
    You want to fly from Amsterdam to Gatwick.
    You want to return Friday (early) afternoon.
    You fly Easy Jet.

What to do:

1   Complete worksheet A

2   Visit the site of



Sightseeing in London 1 

On your first day (Tuesday) you want to visit some famous attractions in central and outer London. You have pictures of twelve, well known places, but you don't know their names (for further information).

Visit the site Londontown and click on "Sightseeing," then go to "Attraction Tickets" and look up the names of these attractions and find out what children have to pay? You can find these attractions in central and outer London. Use worksheet B.























 Choose three sights you would like to visit and use worksheet C.


Sightseeing in London 2 

Now you are going to read more about some of London's most famous attractions.

Use worksheet C.


What to do:

                    1        Read the questions below first.
                    2        Click on the names.
                    3        Read the information and answer the questions.      

Buckingham Palace
Houses of Parliament
St Paul's
Madame Tussaud's
Tower Bridge
London Eye
London Zoo

A       What attraction is located in Regent's Park?
B       Which attraction gives you a good view of London?
C       Where can you find the whispering alley?
D       Where can you find Victorian steam engines?
E        Where is the "Chamber Live?"
F        Where can you find the crown jewels?
G       For the changing of the guards you have to go to .....?
H       What is a different name for the Palace of Westminster?


Sightseeing in London 3

Now you have to find out more details about some of London's attractions to help you plan your trip.

Go to Google Maps and type in the names  of the attractions mentioned below. What is the nearest tube station and which lines pass through the station?

1  Tower of London             6   Buckingham Palace

2  London Dungeon             7   Madame Tussaud's
3  London Eye                     8   British Museum
4  St Paul's Cathedral           9   Tower Bridge
5  London Zoo                    10  The Globe  

What to do:

A    Use worksheet D and complete the table.

B    Answer these questions on the worksheet.

1    Which attractions are closest to the River Thames?
2    Which attraction is the cheapest?
3    Which attraction is the most expensive?
4    Which attraction takes the shortest time to visit?
5    Where can you watch Shakespearean plays?
6    Where would you go if you had £20. -- to spend?



Travelling in London by Tube

Travelling around London can take up a lot of your time. The London Underground (also called "the tube") is the easiest way to move around in the city.

You are going to make a few trips in London. Visit Tube map and look at the map of the underground system.

You start all your trips from Bayswater Station.

Use worksheet E

Trip 1                             St. Paul's Cathedral

1   You can use the ............. or .................. line from
You have to change at ............. station.
3   You change to the ....................... line to St. Paul's Cathedral
4   How many stops have you passed?

Trip 2                             Green Park

1    If you only want to change once. You travel on the
       ....................... line.

2   You have to change to the ........................ line at Victoria

3   How many stops have you passed?

Trip 3                             ?????????????????????

1    You travel 1 stop on the ............................... line to Paddington Station.
2    At Paddington Station you change to the .......................
3    You travel 9 stops and reach a very famous location called

4    You also pass the station close to the stadium of a famous
      London soccer club. What is the name of this station?

A Night out in London

London is famous for its nightlife. Shows are performed every night in the West End. You have to visit the site Concierge desk and make a theatre reservation for one of the shows.

Go to the site and click on Discount Theatre Shows. Answer the questions.

Use worksheet F

1    How many shows are listed? Write down 5 shows you would like to visit.

2    What is the cheapest show? What is the most expensive show?

3    Make a reservation and write down the following information:
      Name of the show
      Name of the theatre
      Address of the theatre
      Price of your ticket
      What time does the show start on Wednesday evening?


Well done, you have finished the webquest.