by Karen Quarrell, Edgewater Park

This webquest is designed for Grade 6 students to learn about renewable and non-renewable energy resources and how they produce electricity. Students will identify and assess the short- and long-term environmental effects of these methods and decide which energy source is the best one to use for a new electrical generation facility being installed in their community.


  Electricity is a form of energy that we use and depend on every day and have learned that we would severely miss living without.  We also live in a time when everyone is concerned about how we use electrical energy and how we will continue to meet the demand for it.  For this task you will learn about the different ways that electrical energy is produced and critically think about the information and the ideas that you have been presented with.  You will develop your own opinion, based on what you have read and learned, to make an important decision about how our city will provide enough of this valued form of energy for you and the rest of our citizens.