Once your group completes all 12 levels of the game...

Level 1 - Welcome to America!

Level 2 - Getting from Point A to Point B (Transportation)

Level 3 - Asking for Help

Level 4 - Going to the Doctor's Office

Level 5 - Applying for a Job

Level 6 -Making Friends

Level 7 -Reserving a Hotel Room 

Level 8 - Going to a Party

Level 9 - Grocery Shopping

Level 10 - Applying to College

Level 11 - Dating and Relationships

Level 12 - Buying a Home or Renting an Apartment did your group do?  Based on your quiz scores and personal decisions made throughout the game, each of you will receive an overall score at the very end that assesses how well you did.  Players who score 50-60 points were successful at the game, 40-50 points players did okay but struggled on some levels, 30-40 points needs some work, and anything lower than 30 points players are strongly recommended to play the game again to build on their language and social skills.


At the end of the game, each group member will write a 1-page reflection paper on their experience throughout the game.  Each member will write their own reflection in addition to the group composing a group reflection paper.  The group leader will be responsible for submitting their group reflection paper.  The recorder will be responsible for making sure the group notes are submitted (in addition to each member's individual notes).  The communicator will communicate to all group members of deadlines for assignments (submission of weekly quiz results, submission of notes, submission of portfolios). 




Interested in apply this game to your real life? You can!


Traveling is a part of life and it opens people up to experience new ways of living and interacting with people from around the globe.  Using the skills you learned and applied in the "A Quest to the United States" online game, you can plan a trip abroad and fully immerse yourself into a culture that is new to you.  Like any new experience people are bound to make mistakes, get into accidents, or have really great times.  Bring your book of notes with you the next time  you travel to help you in situations you find yourself in that are similar to those in the game.  Safe travels!


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