Special thanks to Dr. Francis Berdan, anthropology professor at California State University of San Bernardino!  Without the wisdom and know-how of designing "Ethnoquest," the ideas for "A Quest to the United States" would not be possible.


Thank you to Peggy Marcy, professor of computer assisted language learning at California State University of San Bernardino! Although this course has been mostly completed online, Peggy has done a great job in providing us Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) students more than a thing or two about combining technology with language instruction to best serve our English language learning students.


Thank you to Quest Garden!  Without the helpful tips, advice, and access to others' webquest examples...I would have no webquest!  Thank you for such a great and useful online resource.

Author Biography

Erica Alexander
I received my Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences from CSUSB in 2009. I studied primarily Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology. I am currently enrolled in the Social Sciences MA program at CSUSB, but am leaning towards the MA in Education TESOL program because I have passions for traveling, learning how to speak - write - listen - and read in Spanish, and to make a difference to lives of others, especially children. My targeting teaching level is to learn how to teach creatively, integrate curricula creatively and in ways that connect students with current national/global events. I seek to teach students from different perspectives to encourage interdisciplinary ways of thinking and learning. I am unsure of the age I am interested in teaching, but have had experience working with 2nd and 3rd graders. I will be studying and learning the Spanish language so that I can go to Spanish speaking countries to teach in Spanish and in English. I want to inspire lives!

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