by Erica Alexander

This webquest is designed to assist students with learning English by using a fun, interactive computer simulation game. Students will travel to and begin their lives in the United States. Sample online activities include asking for and receiving directions, finding a place to stay, making friends, and going to the doctor's office.




Have you ever traveled to an English-speaking country such as the United States, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, or United Kingdom?  In this fun and interactive webquest, students will assume to roles of specific characters, such as Traveling Rose, and travel as a group to the United States.  Your group members will use tools and the English language to travel to the United States to learn how to start a life in a new country. 





All across the world, people move to or study in places where they feel they will get a better education or job.  Many of these same people move to or study in English-speaking countries such as the United States to broaden their opportunities and use English -- which may be their second, third, or fourth language-- to become more successful.  Have you ever traveled to or lived in a primarily English-speaking country?  What were some of the challenges?  If you have not traveled to or have not lived in a primarily English-speaking country, what do you think some of the major challenges would be for people?