Online Resources:


For additional help, students can check out these online resources to help them plan their trip and learn the social ettiquette for the United States:


Travel Channel


Places to go, tips for transportation, and much more:





Process #1:

You will log onto "A Quest to the United States" online game.  Your group will then be prompted to create a group username and password.  This will allow each group member to pause your game and resume your game at your own convenience.



Video Clip:

International Traveling Tips


Process #2:



Process #3:


Now that you and your group members have taken all of the online quizzes (a total of 12 quizzes), you have almost finished the "A Quest to the United States" game!  At the very end of your quest, each of you will be required to take a cumulative quiz based on your experiences throughout the entire 12 levels of the game.  The cumulative exam will be 50 questions in multiple choice, true/false, and fill in the blank format.  Completion of all 12 levels and all 12 quizzes is required before taking the cumulative exam.  The cumulative exam will be open-note.  This is why I suggest taking good notes on everything!


Once you have completed the 50-question cumulative exam, you will then turn in your book of notes and level critiques to be scored by the instructor.