Adult, college, and high school English students will be placed in real-life situations where they will need to use English-speaking and critical thinking skills to apply for a job, search for a place to live, own a pet, ask for help, and make new friends.  The game is organized according to different levels.  Once you complete a level, you move on to the next level. 

There are 12 levels total:

Level 1 - Welcome to America!

Level 2 - Getting from Point A to Point B (Transportation)

Level 3 - Asking for Help

Level 4 - Going to the Doctor's Office

Level 5 - Applying for a Job

Level 6 -Making Friends

Level 7 -Reserving a Hotel Room 

Level 8 - Going to a Party

Level 9 - Grocery Shopping

Level 10 - Applying to College

Level 11 - Dating and Relationships

Level 12 - Buying a Home or Renting an Apartment





1.  Your group will log onto "A Quest to the United States" online game and create a group username and individual passwords.  By doing so, any of your group members will be able to stop the game at any time and pick up where you last left off.

2.  After logging into the game, your entire group will take notes throughout each activity.  Each activity will be followed by a short quiz testing your reading, listening, and speaking comprehension.

3. Each group member will have a specific role to fulfill throughout the game.  There will be a group leader, recorder, communicator, and an additional recorder if your group has 4 members.  The group leader will take charge and be the speaker for people and situations you encounter within the game.  The recorder will be in charge of making sure everyone keeps up on writing notes and will record an additional set of notes about the group's progress throughout the game.  The communicator will be the voice of your group during class.  This person will ensure each member brings at least 2 suggestions for each level to discuss during the last 20 minutes of class and will share to the rest of the class their own group findings.

4.  Pay attention to what U.S. individuals and other tourists tell you, they may help you or they might just confuse you.  Take note of details of the town and people you speak to.  Use common sense to solve small problems.

 5.  Your grade will be based on completion of all 12 levels, group participation, and each group member turning in their book of notes and final portfolios.