Step 1:

Use the links below to help with your research. Print off the "Important Notes" handout, provided by your teacher, to record information that you will use in your presentation. Your notes will be handed in as part of your evaluation. Use this link to make sure you use proper MLA citation format for your resources.

To help get you started, look at these issues..

REMEMBER! You are trying to persuade the SAC to take your concerns to a higher committee, so gather as many pieces of evidence as you can to back up your decision.

NS School Food Nutrition Policy

NS School Food Policy Guidelines (this link provides more detail about the reasons behind the guidelines)

Health Canada (link to Canada's Food Guide)

Prevention of Childhood Obesity (article about the role that parents and schools play in the prevention of childhood obesity)

Globe and Mail (article about how the switch to healthy food in a school cafeteria has some students eating off campus)

"Concerning Kids" article (article about why it is important to get teens eating healthier)

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada (Heart & Stroke Foundation's position on the importance of proper nutrition in schools)

Globe and Mail article2 (article about the excuses teens use for not choosing to eat healthy during school lunchtime)

Parentcentral article (article on the importance of school food & nutrition policies)

NovaNewsNet article (article about Nova Scotia student reaction to new school food & nutrition policy)

UNB Policy Brief (article discussing the implementation of school food & nutrition policies in New Brunswick)

Healthy Alberta site (link to getting value for your healthy food dollars)


Step 2:

You will now organize your thoughts and create a powerpoint, a letter, or a poster. Use the links below to help you with your creation.

REMEMBER! You need to be as persuasive as possible!


Use this first link to help plan your approach.

-Persuasion Map Planning Sheet


Use the following links for specific guidelines for each choice of presentation.

-Powerpoint Guidelines

-Letter Guidelines (includes an online tool for writing persuasive letters) 

-Poster Guidelines