Each class has been divided into two groups; Miss Tamar's class will be discovering Meat Eating dinosaurs, known as Carnivores,  and Miss Marie's class will be exploring Plant Eating dinosaurs, known as Herbivores. 

The dinosaurs that Miss Marie's class will exploring (plant eaters) used to eat leaves, roots, branches and grass.

Here are some examples of  herbivore dinosaurs:




The dinosaurs that Miss Tamar's class will be exploring (meat eaters) used to eat fish, smaller dinosaurs, bone marrow and other dead animals they would find.

Here are some examples of carnivore dinosaurs:


Tyrannosaurus rex(T-rex)





Now that you've seen different species of dinosaurs and the types of food they eat, it's time to create your own!!

Don't forget to name your new dinosaur with a unique and creative name!

Each group will receive construction paper, glue, scissors and markers and will create and draw their own dinosaur.



You can use the outlines below to help you.                 


You don't have to stick to what we see in pictures of dinosaurs in books and on the internet- get as creative as you want!



Now that you have created your new species of dinosaur, it's lunchtime!!!

In your groups, make a menu of what your dinosaur will eat throughout the day keeping its dietary needs (herbivore/carnivore) in mind.





Make sure to keep the menu as nutritious as possible!