Part 1

During this part of the assignment, you will be given specific websites to visit to learn more about plagiarism. Be sure to make note of the following things:

Use these websites for your research.


Plagiarism Web Quest by Dr. Alice Christie

Internet Law, Ethics, and Safety

Plagiarism, Copyright and Intellectual Property for the 21st century

Plagiarism Web Quest: How to Cite Online Sources.




Also, be sure to read thoroughly the

 Troy University Student Guide on Plagiarism




So what is Troy University education department's view on plagiarism and what are the consequences?  


The College of Educations defines plagiarism as:

·        Three consecutive words that are not common professional language used from another source without quotation

·         Rephrasing another author's words without appropriate citation

·         Using another author's ideas or data without appropriate citation

·         Submitting another author's or student's writing as one's own


·        Directly quoting a source without using appropriate APA or MLA style (whichever is required by the instructor) citation to show that it is a direct quote. 



Students who commit plagiarism will be subject to disciplinary actions as outlined in The Oracle for Academic Misconduct and violation of the Honor Code.  The Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures define university procedures in these matters. Students have the right to request consideration by the Student Services Conduct Board.


Read what The Oracle says about plagiarism here: 

The Oracle : pages 42-50.

Now that you are more knowledgeable about plagiarism, you are to take the following quiz to test that knowledge. A passing score is 70% or higher. There are 25 questions. After taking the quiz, copy and print out the quiz score page. Then copy and print the statement at the bottom of this page. Sign it, date it, and turn it with the quiz results in to your teacher.

Plagiarism - Not a laughing matter quiz




I pledge that I understand the basics of plagiarism and the consequences for failure to comply with Troy University's policies as outlined in the Oracle.

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