Guiding Questions:

What does your diet currently consist of?

What positive changes can you and your family make to your diets based on what you have learned from this WebQuest?

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Your Task:

1.      Students will draw the new food pyramid.

2.      Students will categorize foods from each food group.

3.      Students will record and evaluate their own eating intake for one week.

4.      Students will use the pyramid tracker to estimate their allotted calories per day.

5.      Students will record and evaluate their own physical activity for one week.

6.      Student will write physical activity goals.

7.      Students will design a meal and exercise plan for their family for one week.

8.      Students will create a PowerPoint presentation to show what they have learned about the new food pyramid, MyPyramid or MyPyramid for Kids, to present to the class.

My Pyramid Researcher  Draw the pyramid and collect clip art, pictures, information for the group to use in their PowerPoint presentation. Research the new food pyramid design, MyPyramid, and what makes it different from the old Food Guide Pyramid established in 1992.

Food Expert  Design a way for your group to categorize foods from each food group. Research different foods in each of the food groups. Make healthy choice suggestions for your team to use in their meal plans.


Physical Activist  Lead the effort in designing goals for your group regarding physical activity. Come up with some activity options that your group can accomplish together or at home. Then, help all members of the group estimate their allotted calories for a day.

Create a chart for your group that allows all members to track their calories and physical activity for a week. Determine how your group will use this information to plan a week’s meal for themselves and their family.

 disappearing pizzaWhy is this important?

 It is beneficial to understand why it is important to pay attention to what we eat. The food we put in our bodies has energy and calorie benefits. We need energy in order to function and think properly. However, we also want to make sure we are getting the maximum energy benefit from the calories we do consume.