by Angie Roman, Edison State College

Do you hear that? What is that smell? Let me see that. What is that taste? Do you feel that? Although we may use these questions quite often, it may be hard to define what each sense is. You use your sight, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling senses everyday. They are so common that one doesn't even know they are doing it. Evaluating the five sense will bring you to a world of better knowledge. It will let you express your self more and let you explore the wonders of the human body.


Take a ride on the senses train and bring your friends along for the ride. As kindergarteners you guys are less aware of the functions of your body. Although you smell, touch, taste, hear and see things everyday, you may not know exactly what each sense represents. By going through this interactive lesson plan you will now exactly what each sense is and where it is coming from. So ALL ABOARD the Senses Train! First Stop the Touching Station !!