You are now part of the Corps of Discovery. With your group you will learn about the Lewis and Clark expedition. Each member will be responsible for a different task. At the end of the web quest, you will be asked to teach each other the information by presenting your work to the group.

There are five members of your group:

  1. Interpreter
  2. Cartographer
  3. Scientist
  4. Historian
  5. Travel Guide

Decide who will become an "expert" in which field. 


Interpreter: Your job is to work hand in hand with the Native Americans you encounter throughout your journey. Your journal entry should describe the people [language, dress, attitude toward the Corps], the location of the Native American Nations, and Sacagawea and her work with the Corps. 

Here are some links that will help: 

Indian Country

Lewis and Clark Journal Entries 

Look at the journals on the following dates:

Native Peoples

Native American Colors and Designs


Cartographer: Your job is to work with the maps of the region and help the Corps navigate their way through the west. You will be working on a map to share with the rest of the group. You are allowed to find a map that works best for you and trace the outline; however, your map needs to include the path taken, dates [where the Corps of Discovery was at what time], and the location of Native American Nations [you will want to work with the Interpreter for this]. 

Here are some links that will help:

If you have questions about making a map, here is the "Student's Guide to Map Making"

Map 1

Map 2

Map 3


Scientist: Your job is to catalog the organisms [plants and animals] you encounter along the journey. You will need to sketch, describe and give a location as to where the organism was found. You will need to record 3 animals and 3 animals in your sketch book. 

Here are some links that will help:

Plant and Animal Life

Lewis and Clark Science

Plant and Animal Discoveries


Historian: Your job is to make a time line of the expedition; you should include the departure, reaching the Continental Divide, reaching the Pacific Ocean, coming back and 5-6 other significant events. You also need to detail the goals of the trip. 

Here are some links that will help:

Time line 1

Time line 2

Time line 3

Time line 4

Travel Guide: Your job is to select 3 important locations along the route to the Pacific Ocean and make a travel brochure. Make sure to include the name of place, what happened and why this place is important. You might also want to use the links for the Historian as well. You also need to write a paragraph biography on either Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Sacagawea, or York.

Here are some links that will help:

Scientific Encounters

Event Time lines


Lewis and Clark Biography

Sacagawea Biography

York Biography