by Alison Rodman, Williams Preparatory

Students prepare for a debate on the topic of professional athlete's salaries.


            The average American makes $48,000 a year. Sounds like a lot of money, right? A lot more than your allowance at least. But did you know that sports players make a ton more? Spanish soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo made $18 million and A-Rod made almost $26 million! Crazy huh?

In this unit we are studying all about sports. How to discuss them, watch and understand them, read about them... in Spanish! This project is going to help you take it one step further. You are going to debate a controversial issue about sports in Spanish: athlete pay.

You will prepare, organize, and present a debate, learning how to speak persuasively about the topics from this unit. You are to debate the issue "Athlete pay: fair or not?" in front of the class. This webquest will help you do the research, organizing and planning needed to win your debate. Click the "task" button to get details about what your assignment it.