Day 1

Step 1:

Today we are going to read a book called Early Theme Neighborhood and Community by Kathleen Hollenbeck. 


Step 2:

Who wants to play a game on the computer? Click on the links below to play a game and do fun activities to learn about the community helpers you learned about in the book.


Step 3:

Now its time for even more fun!!! Get out your scissors and crayons! You get the chance to make community worker finger puppets.


Day 2

Step 1:

Today we will be reading a book called My Fire Engine by Michael Rex. Lets talk about firemen and what they do in our community. Can anyone tell me how firemen help our community?


Step 2:

Now we are going to talk about a very important rule to remember if there is a fire. It is the STOP, DROP AND ROLL rule!

Lets learn a new song that will help us remember this important rule.

Fire Safety Song - STOP, DROP & ROLL THREE SIMPLE STEPS by Mahi Akau

(Sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

What do you do if your clothes catch fire?

three simple steps to put out the fire.

STOP where you are,

Don't run, don't run

Drop to the ground, and ROLL all around.

What do you do if your clothes catch fire?

Three simple steps to put out the fire.

Step 3:

Okay kids now we have a very special guest here to talk to us about being a firemen and fire safety. He is also going to demonstrate the Stop, Drop and Roll method that we have been learning about today. He is going to talk about the importance of having an emergency exit route in case of a fire at home and he has even brought a prize to give each of you to take home which includes a firefighter hat, a firefighter badge and a calendar that has important information about fire safety, so lets listen closely to what he has to say because it is very important.


Day 3

Step 1:

Today we will be discussing police officers and what they do in our community. Lets start by reading a book called Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann.


Step 2:

Okay kids now you get to design your very own police car by coloring this police car coloring page. You will get to choose either markers or crayons to complete this task. Be creative!



Step 3:

Next, we have an officer from the local Police Department here to talk to you about his job duties and discuss the importance of 911. Officer Bob!

Now class, Officer Bob is going to show you all how he does fingerprinting. Each of you will be able to get your fingerprints done and you will be able to keep your prints to take home with you. 


Day 4

Step 1:

Today we will discuss health care community helpers such as Pediatricians, Dentists and Nurses. Can anyone tell me how they help us? 

Step 2:

We are going to be reading a book called Going to the Dentist by Anne Civardi.



Step 3:

Who wants to play a game? This game is a matching game where you will match the pictures of tools that each community helper uses with the right poster with the picture of each community helper. You will have to get in groups of 4 and as a group try to match all the right pictures with the right people. Get ready for some fun! Lets go over the picture together first so we make sure everyone knows what the pictures are so you can make good guesses as to what picture goes with which community helper. Here are the pictures, now let's go over what they are called. First we have a picture of a nurse's hat, next a thermometer to take a temperature, a pressure cuff for taking blood, a stethoscope for listening to body sounds, otoscope to look in ears, a light, a patella hammer for checking reflexes, a toothbrush, tooth paste, and floss.  

Step 4:

We have another very special guest today to help us learn about taking care of our teeth. She is a Dental Hygienist and she cleans our teeth when we go to the dentist. Have any of you had your teeth cleaned? How did it feel?

Dental Hygienists also take pictures of our teeth when we visit the Dentist so that the Dentist can get a good look at our teeth. Today she is going to talk to us about brushing, and flossing our teeth and the proper way to do that! Lets give her our full attention and if you are all quiet and listen well she has a brand new toothbrush and floss for each of you to take home.  

Day 5

Step 1:

Today is the last day of our community helper week. We are going to be discussing the Letter Carrier also known as the mailman today. Have any of you ever seen the mailman or mail lady that brings you your mail? How do they help our community? How do you think letters get where they need to go when we put them in our mail boxes? 

Step 2:

We are now going to read a book about a mail man. Its called Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers by Ann Owen.


Step 3:

We have a special guest again today but today its a mail carrier. He is going to discuss how he picks up the mail and how it gets sorted through and then delivered to the right place. Lets give Mr. Mail Carrier our full attention now so we can learn all about the mail service.

Step 4:

Now boys and girls we are going to learn to write a short letter to someone special, address it and then we will put a real stamp on it and mail it off to them in a real mailbox!   

Step 5:

To complete this weeks unit on the community helpers you will now get to pick a coloring sheet with a picture of the community helper that you would like to be when you grow up. You will get to color it and then we will make a special community helper book of our class. If you want to be something that we have not covered this week then you can draw the community helper on a blank sheet of paper that will be provide of whichever community helper it is you want to be. It is going to be titled Our Class Community Helpers. We will keep this special book in the class in our book shelf for everyone to read when you get free time. Think about which community helper you would be good at and make it unique! 


 Fun coloring sheet