Background Information

What is a character archetype? Click on the following links to find out!

To read a definition and to hear 'archetype' pronounced click here! Click on the speaker button next to the word to hear how it sounds.

For a better understanding of the word click here! This page will give you a long definition and good examples.

Once you understand what a character archetype is continue below to advance through your quest...

You may choose which archetype to study in any order to wish.  Follow the links for each one and remember to fill in the related page in your journal!  

Have FUN!



 The Villain

Find the villain section of your journal.  Write down what you think of when you hear the word villain on the first page where it says "What a Villain is to me".  Once you finish, explore the links below:

Click on the link below to see how Disney has decided to draw their villains.  Go to the second page in your villains section and record the following:  what do you notice? What colors are they wearing? What color is their skin? What posture are they in? What about body language?

Watch the following two videos.  Go to the the third page of your journal and follow the instructions for the video pages:

Follow this link to read about ten villains from famous books.  Do they have anything in common?

The Sage

Find the sage section in your journal. Write down what you think of when you hear the word sage on the first page where it says "What a sage is to me".  Once you finish, explore the links below:

To learn more about what a sage is click the link below:

Watch the following video and write down what you notice the older man in the video doing on the video page in your journal.

To see where the word sage comes from and how it is perceived watch the following video of a cartoon based on Indian mythology:


 The Hero

You have reached the Hero! To learn more about the hero please click through the links below.  Use your journal to keep notes and follow the directions each step of the way.  Please flip to the 'Hero' section of you journal now.

Please watch the following video from the movie Hercules.  Pay attention to the words in the song 'Zero to Hero' and write down anything you notice.  Pay attention to the clothing worn in the video, the posture of the hero and the way he is treated by other people and take notes on the video page in your journal:
Now you will click through a series of images.  These images are all heroes from different movies and stories.  What do you notice about their appearance?  How are they dressed?  What do they look like? What else do you notice?
Read the following definition from  Do you agree with this? What stands out to you?

The Sidekick

Welcome to the sidekick! It is now time to journey through the sidekick character archetype.  Follow the links and directions below to learn more.  Remember to be keeping notes in your journal.   Please flip to the sidekick section in your journal now.  

We are going to take a small bend in the road from fairy tales to look at one of the most famous hero and sidekick teams in America: Batman and Robin.  Click through the links to look and different comic strips.  What role is Batman playing? What role is Robin playing? How are they different? Robin is the character in red, green and yellow while Batman wears black.
Now watch the trailer for the Disney movie Tangles featuring the sidekick.  What do they say about the sidekick?
Can you tell who the sidekick in this video is?
You've done a lot of great work so far! Now for the last challenge: watch the following video and take notes on who the villain, hero, sage and sidekick are in this story. How do you know? What are the clues?