Plants have basic needs to live and grow: 


Click on each blue and purple word for an activity! 

Read a book about growing plants:

Sing a song about plant needs!


Animals have basic needs too!




Now you will learn the parts of a plant





Show what you have learned:

Practice labeling the parts of a plant.

Print and label the parts of a plant.

Take turns with your partner telling what each part of the plant does.


Now you will learn about animals- what they look like (appearance), how they get around (motion), where they live (habitat), and how they grow.


Working with your partner choose two different animals to learn about from the website.  Then compare (what is the same) and contrast (what is different) about the animals.  Think about what they look like, how they move, where they live, and how they grow.  

If you chose task #4-Use a Venn Diagram or a double bubble thinking map to write on.