by Stephanie Chestnut, Bradley University
Aimee Pilalis, Bradley University

In this WebQuest, students will investigate different types of ocean pollution and the affects it has on marine life. They will research a specific species affected by pollution and write a persuasive letter to the pollutants to try and persuade them to stop the pollution. The students will also be writing an "I Wish..." poem about this topic and presenting it to the class.


Every day, more and more people are polluting the world's oceans and harming the animals that live there. Pollution in the oceans can be very harmful, so there needs to be awareness about this issue! It is up to you to help! 

Remember, how would you feel if people were harming your environment? 

Here are two interactive videos on ocean pollution to get you thinking about how it affects our oceans:

Oil and Water Don't Mix

Don't Mess With the Sea