1. Print and fill out a role sheet and turn it into your teacher

2.  Research and discover the dust bowl:


Helpful Websites



Job Description

Dust Storms



 Was it my fault?

Difficult times


 What life was like for me





 Raising a family



 3.  Now that you have researched your role, it is time to share with your group all the new information you have obtained.  As you begin to share, remember to fill out the rest of your graphic organizer with information from your team.  

 4. Use the diary entry document to write a diary entry as either the climatologist, farmer, child, or mother.  This entry should be a summary of what you have discovered in your research and should capture the feelings and viewpoint of your character.  

5.  Come together as a group to read, listen to, and edit each other's entries.


6.  Photographs have been taken to capture the destruction the dust storms created.  As a group,  choose a photograph from the following list:

Use the viewing photographs process guide as a guide in examining a choosing a photograph that will be displayed on your blog page.

7.  It is time to put your research and diary entries together on a blog page.  Use this checklist to get started!