Congratulations, your specialist team has successfully completed the design contract and produced a design for a surfing prosthesis.

Johnny Paddlesmith and his sponsors have approved the design and your team are likely to be re-contracted to help build a working prototype. Johnny is really looking forward to working with you again to fine tune the design using models, prototypes and extensive testing. He is confident that the team's design will enable to return to competitive surfing despite his missing leg.

During the course of this design contract you and your team have developed and gained new skills and knowledge, while also applying and refining existing skills by applying them to a new project.

You and your team will have gained knowledge about prostheses and emerging technologies, material properties and specification, identifying the functional requirements and user needs for a design solution and about applying design principles, aesthetics and styling to a functional design. You also have learnt about the design process, groupwork and gained alot of experience in collaborating on design projects.

You and your team will have refined your sketching skills and gained alot of experience in idea and concept generation and learnt some new creative strategies and presentation techniques to apply in your design work.

As a designer it is important to reflect on your completed projects and the design process to identify what works best and how to approach tasks more effectively next time, this will help you develop your skills and knowledge as a design professional.

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