by Patrick Twyford, Australian Catholic University

This WebQuest will guide a group of four Year 10 Design & Technology students through the process of researching, conceptualising & designing a prosthetic device to assist a professional surfer who has lost a leg. Students will assume the roles of different design professionals and specialists within a team of designers working collaboratively to share specialist knowledge and concepts and synthesise these into an effective design solution.



A famous professional surfer, Johnny Paddlesmith has been the victim of a horrific shark-attack and whilst miraculously still alive, has had his whole left leg taken by the shark.

Johnny Paddlesmith, supported by his many sponsors has vowed to continue surfing and compete once more.

YOU have been selected to be a part of a specialist design team contracted by Johnny's sponsors to design a prosthetic device to replace his leg and assist him to return to competitive surfing.

The team is an elite group of four design professionals each specialising in a different area who will come together to sharing their knowledge and expertise to collaborate in designing Johnny's surfing prosthesis.

 So team, how will you combine you knowledge and skills to design Johnny Paddlesmith's surfing prosthesis?


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