Your design team consists of four design specialists, choose the people who you will work with most effectively and whose design work you like (not necessarily your friends).

Which team will help you design the best surfing prosthesis you can for Johnny Paddlesmith?

These are the design specialists in you team, which one best describes you?

Prosthesis Technician

 The Prosthesis Technician is an expert in the functional, mechanical and technological details of prosthesis design. They are responsible for how the prosthesis will perform its required tasks and movements. The Prosthesis Technician is up to date with the cutting edge of prosthetic technologies.

Materials Engineer

The Materials Engineer is an expert in material properties. They study the correct applications of materials to components and products and assesses their suitability for the product's function and environment of use. The Materials Engineer is up to date with the most advanced materials available.

Ergonomics Specialist

The Ergonomics Specialist is an expert in designing equipment and devices that fit the human body and its movements. They are responsible for knowing what the prosthetic must be able to do, how it must work as an assistive device for surfing, the way it replicates the function of the missing leg while surfing and how it works with the surfboard.

Product Designer

The Product Designer is an expert designer and highly proficient in aesthetics and product styling. They are responsible for how the prosthesis will look and integrating the functional elements of the design into a stylish and creative product. The Product Designer is knowledgeable of the range of ways styling has been applied to prostheses in the past.

The Client

The Client is a representative for Johnny and his sponsors who are employing you to design Johnny's surfing prosthesis. The Client is responsible for making sure the project is on track, fulfilling the needs of the prosthesis and its function. The Client will periodically drop in for design meetings and give the team feedback on their work.
The Client can be called upon to organise specialist help for the team if required.

You will each research your professional areas ensuring you are knowledgeable in your specialisation and share your ideas and specialist knowledge with the group. As a group you will conceptualise and design a prosthetic device to assist Johnny Paddlesmith return to surfing as close to his former ability as possible.

When the design is finished you will deliver a document containing all the concepts, ideas and design work you have produced and a written reflection on the choices you made and problems you solved to produce the design for Johnny.
You will also give a presentation to the Client, Johnny and his sponsors, explaining the features of Johnny's surfing prosthesis, how it works, what it is made from, why it looks the way it does and how it will help him to return to professional surfing.


There is no team leader and as you are all design professionals you will treat all ideas as equally valid regardless of specialisation and the nature of the idea. To design an excellent prosthesis for Johnny your team will need to use all the creativity, different perspectives and ideas you can get.

As design professionals you will conduct yourselves accordingly, all members of the team will contribute equally to get the job done as well as possible.
You will need to collaborate on the design as a team, sharing and discussing ideas, giving and receiving constructive feedback and suggestions and communicating effectively both visually and verbally.

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