Step 1:

Learn about the three Colonial Regions: New England, Mid-Atlantic  and Southern.



The 13 American Colonies

13 Colonies Regions

Colonial Life


How does environment affect community?

Life in the 13 American Colonies

Comparison of American Colonies

Overview of Colonial America

Flashcards: Colonies


Step 2:

Choose which Colonial Region you would like to start your new life in! 

Do research about that region to discover what your life would be like if you lived there.


When doing research look for the 6 Characteristics:

Daily Social Life

Political Life

Natural and Human Resources

Geography and Climate

Economic Specialization

Examples of Interdependence



New England Colonies:

New England Colonies

The New England Colonies

Coming to America

New England Colonies Daily Life


Mid-Atlantic Colonies:

The Middle Colonies

The Mid-Atlantic Colonies

Mid-Atlantic Colonies

Coming to America

Life in the Middle Colonies



Southern Colonies:

The Southern Colonies

Southern Colonies

Colonies of the South

Coming to America

The Southern Colonies 2

Step 3: 

Write a paragraph (5 to 7 sentences), using Microsoft Word, on why you chose the Colonial Region you did.  You can choose an occupation for yourself or what religion you would be practicing if you lived there.

Step 4:

Create a travel brochure using the template on Microsoft Word persuading others to move to the colonial region of your choice.  Make sure you include plenty of images!

Things to include in your brochure why your colonial region is the best:

(The 6 Content Characteristics)


  Daily Social Life

  Political Life

  Natural and Human Resources

  Geography and Climate

  Economic Specialization

  Examples of Interdependence


Step 5:

Find two other classmates that chose the other two Colonial Regions you did not choose.  Present your brochures to each other and discuss the similarities and differences among the colonial regions.  Try and convince your other two group members why they should move to your colonial region!



Step 6:

After your group discussion, decide if you want to stay in your colonial region or move to another one.     

Get out a slip of paper.  

Write on it:  

   Your Name

   Which Colonial Region you made a Brochure for.

   Write if you want to "Stay" or "Move"

   -If you chose "Move", Write where your moving to and why.


The votes will be tallied up and we will see who persuasion techniques worked for their colonial region!