by C Mack McKay, Trainer


By C Mack McKay

The purpose of this webquest is to help participant develop an understanding of how to design a database.


Ever seen data go out on a date? Meet up and form relationships with other data?  Well you will in this webquest.

Databases are storehouses for [drum roll please] data. So what exactly is data? Well, if I told you then you would miss out on the fun of learning that for yourself!

Databases are filled with data that are connected in some way. Those connections are called relations in Microsoft Access; other database programs might use other terminology.

Why do people date? Because they have something in common, such as, their city of residence, favorite hobbies or food, education, favorite  books or movies...all sorts of categories.

Today you will spend some time finding out about data, and how to get data to form these relationships based on their commonalities ---or what I'm referring to as "data going out on a date!"

This webquest follows the ISO and ANSI standards concerning SQL.

Best of luck to you!