by Turn It Up Youth Radio

"A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members"

-- Mahatma Gandhi

In this webquest, the TURN IT UP team will use persuasive language, factual analysis, and compassionate ethics to write thoughtful, reflective, and diverse comments on a local newspaper website, to persuade the community that governments need to provide help for its tax-paying disabled citizens.


In a democratic society, the majority rules. But sometimes, the minority is still a very large portion of society. 

For example, about one fifth of all Americans are (or statistically will become) disabled or sick, and need government support to live because they can't work. 


One fifth may not sound like a lot. The majority, the four-fifths of America who are not disabled, still rules. But one-fifth of America is still almost 52 MILLION PEOPLE. 

Think about how many people that is who can't fully support themselves, who need help. To compare, Poughkeepsie has about 30 thousand people in it, total.

Able-bodied people often don't know or forget how much more difficult it is to live with disability and/or sickness. Because of this ignorance, when it comes time to decide whether to fund social disability programs or other programs with tax money, both politicians and populace often vote against disability spending, often leaving disabled people (again, about 52 MILLION PEOPLE) at a great disadvantage. 

 (This is actually happening in the House of Representatives RIGHT NOW)

So what happens to those in the minority when the majority rules? What happens to those 52 million people when the other 250-ish million vote to cut funding to disability support services?

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