by Amy Spalt, Haledon Public School

The learner will utilize technology to research and explore the escapades of the Emperor Penguins.


Pack your bags!  You are going on an Antarctic adventure to see and hear the escapades of the emperor penguins!  You will travel on a Russian Ice Breaker to cross the vast ocean and possibly have to break through miles of ice to get within twelve miles of an emperor penguin colony. 


Next, you will need to fly in a helicopter to get even closer to the emperor penguin breeding grounds.


For the last two miles, you will carry your gear as you walk over sea ice.  Make sure you are careful not to fall into the ocean through the cracks that form in the ice!

While this trek might seem impossible to do while sitting at your computer, your mission is to view images, hear the sounds, visualize the emperor penguins of Antarctica, and gather information as you take a digital educational expedition through your WebQuest. 

Enjoy your journey!


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