Reflect on the videos and activities below as you conclude your study of each topic.


Topic 1:

The Process of Inquiry into Math, Science, and Technology

Take a closer look at Inquiry-Based Learning.

How do these 5-year-olds "pilot their own learning"?

Reflect on common myths about girls and science.


Topic 2: 

The Thinking of the Young Child

Early Learning Brain Development and Lifelong Outcomes

Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development


Topic 3:

Socially Shared Learning

Vygotsky in the Classroom

The Importance of Play

Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences



Topic 4:

Learning to Look, Listen, and Respond

What is Authentic, On-Going Assessment?

In what way is assessment data useful to teachers? 


Topic 5:


Math and Science at Montessori Unlimited

Dirt for Dessert!


Topic 6:

Identifying Materials and Processes

Language for Learning: Preschoolers

Topic 7:

Classifying, Comparing, and Contrasting

Math in Preschool at Playenglish

Sid the Science Kid: Snack Chart


Topic 8:

Hypothesizing and Generalizing

How might children hypothesize and generalize during a sink or float investigation?

Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures for Success



Topic 9:

Communicating Results

Preschooler's Portfolio 

Kindergarten Harvest Culminating Activity



Topic 1o:

Number Sense in Math

Mortensen Math Tutorial

Montessori Fraction Lesson


Topic 11:

Technology in the Classroom

Technology in Early Childhood Family Education Classrooms

A Vision of K-12 Students Today


Topic 12:

Approaches to Curriculum

Emergent Curriculum

Play-based Learning


Topic 13:


Primary Science: Classroom Organization


Topic 14:

Exploring Basic Math and Number Sense

Interactive Bar Graph Maker

Heads or Tails

Interactive Spinner


Topic 15:

Exploring Math in Shape, Space, and Time

Interactive Geoboard

Interactive Pattern Blocks

Interactive Clock


Interactive Scale

Liquid Measure


Topic 16:

Exploring Physical Science


Sand and Water Table Play

SMART Table 

Topic 17:

 Exploring Earth Science

What's the Weather?: Flannel Board Song

Starfall's Earth Day Activity

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