Here is your chance to assess your understanding. Click on the links below to print off the Topic Review Slips. You may refer to the sites from the Process section as you complete each slip.


Topic 1:

The Process of Inquiry into Math, Science, and Technology 


Topic 2: 

The Thinking of the Young Child



Topic 3:

Socially Shared Learning


Topic 4:

Learning to Look, Listen, and Respond


Topic 5:


Topic 6:

Identifying Materials and Processes

Topic 7:

Classifying, Comparing, and Contrasting


Topic 8:

Hypothesizing and Generalizing



Topic 9:

Communicating Results



Topic 1o:

Number Sense in Math


Topic 11:

Technology in the Classroom


Topic 12:

Approaches to Curriculum


Topic 13:




Topic 14:

Exploring Basic Math and Number Sense


Topic 15:

Exploring Math in Shape, Space, and Time


Topic 16:

Exploring Physical Science


Topic 17:

 Exploring Earth Science


Topics 18 & 19:

Exploring Life Science (Plants and Animals)



Topic 20:

 Inquiry as an Approach to Life