The key words and phrases below will take you to other sites that augment the text and give you further insight into each topic.


Topic 1:

The Process of Inquiry into Math, Science, and Technology

  1. Concept to Classroom: Inquiry-Based Learning Workshop


Topic 2: 

The Thinking of the Young Child

  1. Baby Brain Map
  2. Piaget's Key Ideas and Stages of Cognitive Development
  3. Three Kinds of Knowledge


Topic 3:

Socially Shared Learning

  1. Vygotsky's Social Development Theory 
  2. Cognitive Elements of Play
  3. Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences


Topic 4:

Learning to Look, Listen, and Respond

  1. Authentic Assessment
  2. Making Learning Visible: Documentation Exhibition 


Topic 5:



Topic 6:

Identifying Materials and Processes

  1. Typical Speech and Language Development   
  2. Language Expansion
  3. Asking Questions that Promote Growth
  4. Conversations that Count: How do Preschoolers Learn?

Topic 7:

Classifying, Comparing, and Contrasting

  1. Fun Activities to Promote Basic Math Skills
  2. CoolMath Games
  3. Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences
  4. 5 Graphing Tips You Can Use with Preschoolers


Topic 8:

Hypothesizing and Generalizing

  1. A Colorful Hypothesis
  2. Make Generalizations
  3. Co-Construction of Knowledge
  4. The Circular Process of Inquiry
  5. Questions for Hypothesizing and Generalizing


  Topic 9:

Communicating Results

  1. Defining Documentation
  2. Documenting Learning List Serve
  3. Using Culminating Activities to Assess Learning


Topic 1o:

Number Sense in Math

  1.  abc teach
  2. Connect the Stars
  3. Mathwire

Topic 11:

Technology in the Classroom

  1. Ohio Department of Education Kindergarten Technology Checklist
  2. Selecting Software for Young Children
  3. Using Technology in the Early Childhood Classroom
  4. The Pros and Cons of Technology in Early Childhood Classrooms


Topic 12:

Approaches to Curriculum

  1. North American Reggio Emilia Alliance
  2. The Project Approach: Helping Preschoolers Represent What They Learn
  3. Classroom Interest Areas
  4. 170 Early Childhood Education Themes
  5. Emergent Curriculum 


Topic 13:


  1. Creating and Effective Learning Environment
  2. ECE Outdoor Learning Environments: Visions and Values
  3. How to Maintain a Safe Learning Environment. 


Topic 14:

Exploring Basic Math and Number Sense


Topic 15:

Exploring Math in Shape, Space, and Time 

  1. Kindergarten Math Games
  2. My File Folder Games
  3. IXL: Pre-K Math Practice


Topic 16:

Exploring Physical Science

  1. Preschool Physics
  2. Sand and Water Tables Blog
  3. Pushes and Pulls
  4. Digger and the Gang: Sink or Float? 


Topic 17:

 Exploring Earth Science

  1. One Duck Stuck
  2. Preschool Weather
  3. Light and Dark 


Topics 18 & 19:

Exploring Life Science (Plants and Animals)

  1. Insect Lore
  2. Toddler Life Science Activities
  3. Life Science for Preschoolers
  4. Growing Plants
  5. PetSmart's Guide to Classroom Pets
  6. Create a National Geographic Virtual Pet



Topic 20:

 Inquiry as an Approach to Life

  1. The 21st Century Learner
  2. Teacher Research and Inquiry Networks