by Elena Benito Ruiz, Universidad Politécnica Valencia


What is that in the sky? a bird? a fly? a bee?

Now think for a couple of seconds and choose option A or B:

A) Super Grover...        B)     

I guess you got it right, unless you live at Sesame St. with Super Grover...

So, how is that possible? such a huge thing flying like a bird, faster than the speed of sound? Well, yes, in the book you have learned something about drag, thrust, lift and weight but that's just the starting point. In this webquest you will explore the web to find out more about principles of flight and aerodynamics. You will know more about some other principles, Bernouilli's, Newton's...and you will think about how these forces affect in the same way, let's say, both Airbus 380's cruising and David Meca's swimming.

Of course, you will have to show us (not only to me, but to the other teams) how much you have found out, how creative you are and how able you are to work as a member of a team. Remember, aeronautical engineers must be excellent teamworkers. This is a good chance to practice your cooperation skills.

So here you are, this is a WEBQUEST. A web quest is a collaborative way of learning. Teachers will help you to get there, but they won't talk at all. Just follow the links and you will know what you'll have to do and how you will be assessed.

And now, fly us to the moon...