by Abbie Silber, Rockwood South Middle School

This WebQuest focuses on these five literary elements: plot, point of view, characterization, setting and theme. It is created for a 6th grade class.


As you have already learned, literature includes many important elements to make it interesting and great to read.  For example, literature uses PLOT to tell you what's going on,  characterization to make you love or hate a character, point of view to decide to whom you should listen, setting for you to understand where you are, and finally, a theme to give you a purpose for your reading. 

All of these five characteristics combined create great literature and now it is YOUR TURN to understand, explore and USE these five elements.  Remember, these are concepts you will be using throughout most of your life.  It is very important that you use this webquest to fully understand each element and its importance.  Good Luck!!