For this project there will be individual assignments and a group assignment.  Make sure you complete your individual assignments so that you are ready and able to help your partners complete the group assignment.


TASK 1  Gaining Information - individual

Visit the following websites to gain information about the project.

Simple Machines information 

Click on simple machines and START.

Go to the HOUSE and visit all the rooms.

Print out your score for at least one room.  


Rube Goldberg information

Visit the Artwork Gallery


Rube Goldberg EXTREME examples


Mechanical Advantage Problems Examples



TASK 2 - Preliminary Designs - individual

  1. Design a Rube Goldberg Machine with at least 8 steps on drawing paper and label the steps.
  2. You must use 3 different types of simple machines but you can use as many of them as you want.
  3. Bring ideas and sketches to class to share with your partners.  You will have several times during the next couple of weeks to do this.  Save your sketches even if your design is not chose for the group project. 
  4. Parts of you design may be combined with those of your partners as they are needed.

TASK 3 -  Design Collaboration - group

Bring ideas and sketches to class to discuss with your group each week.  You will have 15 minutes at the beginning of each class to work together on the final design. 

 TASK 4 - Final Design - group

  1. Complete final design diagram.
  2. Determine what materials are needed to complete the machine.
  3. Make a materials list. 
  4. Determine which of the materials each member can bring from home.  Use simple materials found at home - be creative.
  5. I will supply the marbles and have ordered some materials to be used in class.


TASK 5 - Mechanical Advantage Problems - individual

  1. Make up three word problems for each of the following simple machines:

                        lever, pulley and inclined plane

     2. Type/write them neatly and solve each one showing your work.


TASK 6 - Building the Machine - group


  1. Build the machine in class with materials brought from home.
  2. Must follow design diagram.
  3. Be of sound construction
  4. It must work by the end of the class!