1. First, you will quietly choose a landform from the following list. (You will share this ONLY with your teacher! Remember, your job is to keep your audience guessing!)

2. Next, you will research your landform and complete a graphic organizer to find out the following: (Your organizer will also include a space for you to put your reference (the website you used)

Your landform:

Describe your landform:

Where can it commonly be found?

How was your landform created?

How have humans impacted it?

Can your landform be found in Indiana? Where?

What are some unique examples of your landform? Where are they found?

Other interesting facts:

 Use the following websites for your research:

1. World Landforms

2. A selection of landforms

3. Indiana land forms from the World Atlas

4. Britannica Online

5. Types of Landforms

6. Illustrated Glossary of Landforms

7. Types of Land

8.  If, and I do mean IF, you have gone through all of these links and you still need more information, you may then google search your landform. Some key words to consider:

"Examples of (insert your landform here)

"landforms of Indiana" 

"Indiana landforms"

"examples of (insert your landform here) in Indiana"

9. Using Google to search for images:

      A. When you Google search, type in your topic. Click on images.

B. Click on the image you want to use. 

C. Right click on the image and click "Save Image As"

D. Make sure you are in "My Documents" and save your image with a unique name.

3. You will create a slideshow  and it will include the following:
 (**you will not name your landform until the last slide)

Slide 1:  Title and Creator

Slide 2:  Describe your landform

Slide 3:  How was your landform created?

Slide 4:  What are some unique examples of your landform?

Slide 5:  Indiana examples of your landform

Slide 6:  How have humans impacted it?

Slide 7:  The name of your landform 

Slide 8: References

Things to consider for your slideshow:

1. Choose a design that fits your topic.

2. Choose a font and color scheme that is EASILY read.

3. Use pictures that ADD to your topic. 

4. Check your mechanics!!!!

4. Present your slideshow to your classmates. Remember, build suspense for the final slide!