by Meghan Havenstrite
Karlee McConnell
Mary McGinley, East Stroudsburg University

This is a social studies WebQuest designed for fifth graders. In the WebQuest, the students will learn about what it was like to live during the Great Depression. They will research how banks, unemployment, The Dust Bowl, and The New Deal affected people's lives. When their research has concluded, each group will create a informative scrapbook about their findings of the Great Depression.


Welcome fifth graders! You are about to begin your journey back to the year 1930, when the Great Depression was affecting many families around the country. You will travel back in time to find out what it was like living during the Great Depression.You will discover how banks, unemployment, The Dust Bowl, and the New Deal affected families and businesses.When you return from your journey back in time, you will work in a group to create an informative scrapbook, describing what it was like living in the 1930's during the Great Depression.