Your team will be responsible for teaching the class about the culture of your assigned region of Medieval Europe. Each of you will perform independent research on the topic you have been assigned as it pertains to your team’s region. We have discussed each of these topics in broad terms as they apply to Medieval Europe in general, your research will build on that foundation. Individually, you will write a 2-3 page research paper over your topic. Collectively, you will discuss and analyze your findings and prepare a group presentation using Power Point which you will present to the class. Remember, as you explore your topic watch for connections. Collaborate!


Individual paper:

1)      Begin your research by refreshing your memory of your assigned topic. Review the sections of our texts that cover your topic and review your lecture notes. (You have been taking notes, haven't you?)

2)      Follow the guidelines for writing a research paper listed in the class syllabus which was provided to you on the first day of class and is also posted in the classroom.

3)      Keep detailed notes of your research including reference material; this will make writing your paper and properly citing your sources much easier.

4)      Include specific people and events that had a significant impact on your topic within your region.

5)      Discuss briefly how these events relate to the other topics within your region – remember that your focus should be YOUR topic so be careful that you don’t get sidetracked.

6)      You will participate in a peer review of your team mate’s papers and submit a rough draft of your paper to me for comments and suggestions.The final draft of your paper will be submitted when you make your presentation.

7)      If you have questions or run into difficulty, please see me promptly.




Group Power Point presentation:

1)      Each team member will present the portion of the group presentation covering his/her assigned topic.

2)      Presentation of each topic should take 5-7 minutes.

3)      You must include maps, graphs, pictures, etc. as appropriate for each topic.

4)      Your presentation must have an introduction and a conclusion.

5)      Following the presentation, students will have the opportunity to ask questions. Each team member should be prepared to respond to questions regarding their topic. Remember, this material will be on the exam and as the teacher it is your responsibility to prepare your students.

6)      If you have questions, conflicts, or any other problems, please see me.


You will have class time to work on your projects; however, much of your work will need to be completed as homework. On a brighter note, there will be no other homework assigned until this project is completed. My goal is to allow a minimum of 5-10 minutes for you to meet and discuss the project at the end of each class period. We will also devote the entire class period on Fridays to working on your projects.