by Sylvia Ibrahim

Modified by Ann OGorman, Shabbona Elementary School

This WebQuest is designed to allow the students to further their knowledge of the periodic table. They will also research the trends of the periodic table and will discover the classifications of the elements.



The periodic table of elements is one of the most amazing organizational tools in the history of the world.  It basically takes everything in the entire universe and organizes it into one place. 

Dmitri Mendeleev created the first accepted version of the periodic table of elements in 1969.  He grouped the elements in a table that had both periods (rows) and groups (columns).   He grouped the elements in order of increasing atomic mass and on the basis of similar chemical properties.  Mendeleev predicted the discovery of new elements and left blank spaces for them on the periodic table of elements where he thought they would occur. 

Lets look deeper into the periodic table. discover its trends and get to know the elements classifications.