NASA has lost an astronaut and they need your help! 

Your mission is to help NASA figure out which planet the astronaut is on.  You will need to collect information about each planet to find him. Open this document, make a copy on your google drive and fill in the information in each box after researching. 

For information about each planet, click on the name of the planet or it's Roman symbol (both will bring you to the same website).

Click here for another website that tells you facts about each planet. 

Mercury            Venus   

  After the completion of the Mercury and Venus part of the worksheet, click on the NASA icon.

Earth             Mars 

  After the completion of the Earth and Mars part of the worksheet, click on the NASA icon.

Jupiter             Saturn 

  After the completion of the Jupiter and Saturn part of the worksheet, click on the NASA icon.

Uranus                Neptune 

    After the completion of the Uranus and Neptune part of the worksheet, click on the NASA icon.

After you have completed the worksheet, think about which planet you think the astronaut is on. Once you have looked at your findings and made your decision, click on the link below.

The Astronaut is on the planet...




The computer system at NASA is down, so they have no way of knowing how to get to the astronaut.  You need to design a Solar System model for NASA to use to find their astronaut.

You have a few options. 

Tynker - code your own solar system

Hand draw a solar system- use these instructions (don't use toilet paper if it is in short supply at your house!)  


Additional Activity


Individually, you will create your own solar system.  You will visit the following website to do this. 

Create Your Solar System!

After making your planet, you will write a 1 page report about your planet.  This worksheet is to be done on your own.

PRINT this worksheet- this worksheet explains the directions and gives the questions you need to answer in your report.