by Michelle Tate, Oak Grove Elementary

Modified by Ann OGorman, Shabbona Elementary School

This is an interactive trip through the solar system which looks at the distinguishing characteristics of each planet, and guides students in creating a model of the solar system, and a planet of their own.

Teacher Introduction

1. Introduce the solar system to your students by reading The Magic School Bus: Lost in Space. 

2. Tell them that they are going to become NASA's special helpers while they are learning about the solar system. 

3.  Review computer lab rules and remind students of how important it is to work as a team throughout this webquest.

3.  Divide the students into groups of four students for the first two steps of this webquest.  (Students will complete the final step of the webquest on their own.) Try to vary the ability levels of the students in each group.  After dividing the students into groups, have each group fill out the GROUP MEMBERS WORKSHEET.

4. Make sure that ShockWave is installed on every computer in the lab before students begin the third part of this webquest.