You will work in a group of 4 students, each with a different aspect of the Aztec, Maya, and Inca cultures to research.  The 4 jobs are Geographer, Religious Historian, Daily Life Specialist, and Science/Math Expert.  Read your job description and then use the links below to gather data and become an expert on your topic.

Geographer:  You will learn and report:

   1.  where each culture lived.

   2.  when they lived. 

   3.  what route Spain, France and England might have taken to get to each, and how many
         miles they would have traveled.

   4. Visual Aid.  You are also responsible for creating a visual aid that represents some of the
        information that you have learned (examples: a map of each civilization, a time-line of
        important dates in each civilization, a map charting each countries possible route to Latin
        America, etc.)

Religious Historian:  You will learn and report:

   1.  about each culture's values, 

   2.  how each culture believed the world was created,

   3.  what ceremonial centers they used (temples, etc.) and

   4.  what those ceremonial centers' functions were.

Daily Life Specialist:  You will learn and report

   1.  about each culture's systems of family life (what roles did parents and children have), 

   2. what education was like (who went to school? what subjects were covered? what ages attended?) 

   3.  about leisure activities.

Science/Math Expert:  You will learn and report

   1.  about each culture's number system,

   2.  what they knew about astronomy and the universe,

   3.  and any other advances made in the areas of writing, math or science.

   4. Visual Aid.  You are also responsible for creating a visual aid that represents some of the
        information that you have learned. (Possibilities: draw the writing system, the number
        system, or the calendar created by the civilizations, find/create math and science tools that
        were created by these civilizations, etc.)

Aztec Links

Collapse: Why do Civilizations Fall?

Timeline of Mexico--click on Aztec  Use through 1521.

Indispensable Aztec Links

Aztec Link for Kids 


Maya Links 

Timeline of Mexico--click on Maya  Use through 1521.

History, geography and pictures

Mayan astronomy

The Mayan civilization

Mayas for Kids 

Maya Civilization


Inca Links.

Daily Life

National Geographic article: Inca Secrets

Incas for Kids

Inca Creation Story--scroll down 



As you research, use the following forms to help you collect your information.  Copy and paste the portion of table that goes with your job title into a Word document.  As you find information, jot it down in the correct box.





Where did they live?






When did they live?






How would the

Europeans get there?

How many miles? 












Religious Historian 




 What was important

to this culture?






How did they think

the world was made?






Describe worship

centers.  For what

were they used?












Daily Life 




 Family Roles












Leisure Activities 












Science and Math 




 Describe the

number system






What did they know

about astronomy?

For what did they use

that information? 





Describe other 

advances made in

writing, math or














 After your team has filled in their sheets, come back together and talk about which culture you think you should recommend to the Europeans.  Need help coming to a group decision?  Read the following article on how to reach a consensus.

Help! Reaching a Group Consensus

Now you've reached a group decision as to what culture you are going to try to convince King Francis I, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, and King Henry VIII and Princess (soon-to-be Queen) Elizabeth to explore.

Your group now needs to put together a presentation for Their Royal Majesties.  The rubric under Evaluation gives the details as to what you need to include.  You may use 21st Century technology to present your opinion.  Click to read the following guidelines on how to create a good persuasive argument . 

Some ideas for ways to present your information include Power Point, oral presentation, skits with a script, or any other creative ideas you have to present the information.  Be careful, though--Their Royal Majesties (in this case, your classroom teacher) will certainly want to ask questions to determine if you are the experts you say you are!  Be able to answer, and fame and fortune are yours for the taking.  Fail to answer, and it's the dungeons for you!