by Jaysen Moss

This WebQuest teaches students to perform research, work collaboratively, as well as create and deliver a presentation. Students completing this project are required to present about digital communication for education.


Students, has there ever been a time when you wanted the opportunity to teach the class.  Do you think your students could learn better using your methods?  This is an opportunity for you to research digital communications and teach your fellow classmates about the topic you have been assigned.  In this project, you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about digital communications.  You will work collaboratively in groups of three to “teach” your fellow classmates about the effectiveness of digital communication in education.  Through collaboration and research, your group will be able to understand how to distinguish between the various types of digital communication and learn how they can be used for education.  Not every form of social networking and media has to be used for socializing; it can be used for learning and education as well!