by Natasha Phillips

In this WebQuest students will be reading a book called Hatchet. Each student will pick one of the themes portrayed throughout the story. Students will learn how to read between the lines and look for hidden meanings in a story and what the author is trying to convey through his writing.



We will be looking into a story where dire emergencies and extreme situations rise up. Prevalent themes are shown throughout the story and you must pick one theme to analyze and focus on as you read the story. Some of the themes may include: Man vs. Nature, the power of belief and positive thinking and maturity.Next, you will fill out a chart and for each theme given, you will find evidence that supports the theme. Next, you will show us your understanding by writing a short story based off of one of the themes either on the paper or another one you found. Entice the audience with an intriguing plot and significant details through the story.